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Agreement: In consideration of Associated Translators requiring my services in relation to translation, interpreting and other related matters during the course of which Associated Translators will be disclosing certain proprietary and confidential information, I agree not to either alone or jointly with any other person whether as principal agent or employee for the period of six months following the end of any period during which I provide services to Associated Translators to canvas, solicit or enter into any agreement or arrangement with any person whom I know to be or have been within the last six months a client of Associated Translators or further agree not to discourage or attempt to discourage any such client from dealing with Associated Translators in the future during the said six-month term. I undertake not to divulge any confidential information in whole or in part to any third party and not to make use of any of the said confidential information which may come to my knowledge as a result of providing my translation/interpreting services. I undertake to treat as confidential information and hold in confidence any and all business information relating to the interest of Associated Translators and clients in Associated Translators projects.